Axis 215 ptz camera : Canon pen camera : Vtech camera kids.

Axis 215 Ptz Camera

axis 215 ptz camera

    ptz camera
  • A Pan tilt zoom camera (PTZ Camera) is a closed-circuit television camera with remote directional and zoom control.

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera. Allows precise adjustments to be made to outgoing image.

  • An imaginary line that divides something into equal or roughly equal halves, esp. in the direction of its greatest length

  • An imaginary straight line passing through the center of a symmetrical solid, and about which a plane figure can be conceived as rotating to generate the solid

  • the main stem or central part about which plant organs or plant parts such as branches are arranged

  • in World War II the alliance of Germany and Italy in 1936 which later included Japan and other nations; "the Axis opposed the Allies in World War II"

  • An imaginary line about which a body rotates

  • a straight line through a body or figure that satisfies certain conditions

  • 215 (two hundred and fifteen) is the natural number following 214 and preceding 216.

  • * Caracalla's troops massacre the population of Alexandria, Egypt. * Caracalla introduces a new coin, the Antoninianus. The weight of this coin is a mere 1/50 of a pound.

axis 215 ptz camera - Axis 215

Axis 215 PTZ Network Camera - Color, Black & White - CCD - Cable

Axis 215 PTZ Network Camera - Color, Black & White - CCD - Cable

Axis 215 PTZ Network Camera is a day and night camera that offers pan/tilt/zoom control over IP networks. It has a compact, tamper-proof design providing protection against tampering as all moving parts are inside the casing. The camera is the perfect choice for indoor environments such as shops, receptions, banks and other facilities, where you need both an overview and the possibility to zoom in for detailed inspections. The total zoom capacity of 48x increases the monitoring options with the ability to show a detailed and precise view of the zoomed in area. Traditional PTZ cameras have a mechanical stop that prevents the cameras' circular movement making it impossible to follow a person walking in a full circle around the camera. Thanks to the Auto-flip functionality developed by Axis, Axis 215 PTZ can instantly flip the camera head 180 degrees and continue to pan beyond its zero point. The camera can then continue to follow a passing person or object, regardless of the direction. When a person passes below the camera, the image will be upside-down after 90 degrees tilt. With other PTZ camera models, the operator must rotate the image 180 degrees but with the E-flip functionality, Axis 215 PTZ can automatically flip the image electronically 180 degrees, and continue to follow the person in the correct orientation, without delay.

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PTZ Dome Camera

PTZ Dome Camera

A PTZ Dome is a motorized camera. PTZ stands for T.ilt Z.oom. PTZ's provide the consumer with the luxury of controlling a camera from home or office.Viewing suspicious activity,zooming in on tag numbers,etc. PTZ's are ideal for viewing large parking lots. Most PTZ's have the functionality to set patterns to take a desired path of viewing automatically independent of operator.PTZ's are usually expensive and require maintenance due to motors and fans primarily.

Axis Deer (Axis axis)

Axis Deer (Axis axis)

Axis Deer (Axis axis) adult female taken in southern Texas, wild

axis 215 ptz camera

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