Best Picture Quality Compact Camera - Nikon Digital Camera With Touch Screen.

Best Picture Quality Compact Camera

best picture quality compact camera

    compact camera
  • The general term for small, light cameras designed for convenience. While they do not offer interchangeable lenses, they are perfectly usable for snapshots, and some do employ high-performance optics. Ideal for travel or “visual notebook” applications.

  • Commonly refers to a point-and-shoot camera.

  • A point-and-shoot camera, also called a compact camera, is a still camera designed primarily for simple operation . Most use focus free lenses or autofocus for focusing, automatic systems for setting the exposure options, and have flash units built in.

    best picture
  • The Academy Award for Best Motion Picture is one of the Academy Awards of Merit presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to artists working in the motion picture industry.

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best picture quality compact camera - Canon SELPHY

Canon SELPHY CP780 Compact Photo Printer

Canon SELPHY CP780 Compact Photo Printer

Everyone loves sharing the photos they print with those who mean the most to them. Homes and offices everywhere are adorned with frames and photo albums filled with people’s most cherished memories. In producing these beautiful images, people also want the flexibility of printing from any room of the house at a moment’s notice. Now, the perfect printing companion can be yours with the versatility you want and the quality you need - the SELPHY CP780 Compact Photo Printer. Preview, edit and add creativity to your images on a 2.5” LCD, easily enhance photos with Portrait Image Optimize and automatic Red-eye correction features while enjoying computer-less printing capabilities via compatible memory cards, PictBridge and optional Bluetooth devices. All of this and more delivers what you’re looking for -- beautiful, borderless, water-resistant photos in color and black & white that last up to 100 years. The optional NB-CP2L Battery Pack easily allows you to make this lil’ lightweight memory keeper portable at anytime. The SELPHY CP780 Compact Photo Printer is fun, easy to use and even available in three different colors – Silver, Blue and Red. So, pick your favorite, get printing and let the fun begin!

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April in MN

April in MN

Yes, it's April 20th. Yes, it snowed this morning. Yes, this is what passes for "spring" in Minneapolis.

In other news, I have a new camera! I absolutely love my SLR (a Canon Digital Rebel XT), but I rarely have it with me. I find it uncomfortable to carry around, and often feel awkward using it in many situations. The result is I only take photos on designated "photography days", where my main goal is to take pictures, such as when traveling on vacation or visiting someplace special. I am usually able to get some good shots, and later post them here.

But I rarely get any photos of everyday life, and even fewer photos of people and social events. I have my compact camera, a Canon Powershot S50 which I got in 2003, which I occasionally use for this sort of thing, but its lens motor has gone from finicky to iffy to pretty much dead in the past few years. I decided I need a new walkin-around camera, so I upgraded to the Canon Powershot S95 (yes, I'm a brand loyalist). The hope is that what I'll inevitably lose in image quality and responsiveness I'll make up in, you know, actually having my camera with me. As they say, the best camera to use is the one you have with you.

To that end, here is the view from campus this morning. Sigh.



JANUARY 28th, 2010 :)
It's a good one! The quality is so much better than my old one!
I'm so excited!
It is so small and compact and cute and has great settings and picture and it's light blue :)
This was a test shot when i first opened it and that is my brother.
We had just walked in the door from school. It was a fantastic day. One of the best so far this year.

best picture quality compact camera

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